THe law of christ


New Covenant Theology is nothing more than Christ-centered theology. It is a way of showing how the biblical canon fits together and how Scripture tells one story with Christ as the unifying theme from Genesis to Revelation. This weekend seminar is meant to give the church an accessible and practical overview of the essentials of New Covenant Theology in five sessions.

Overview for The Law of Christ Seminar: Christians are not under the Law of Moses, but that doesn’t mean we are law-less. This seminar will explain the Bible’s teaching on the Law of Moses, the Christians relationship to it, and what it means to live under the law of Christ.

The relationship between Israel and the church is one that tends to divide Christians. This seminar will answer the question of what the Bible says about these matters. What was God’s plan for Israel in the Old Testament. How does the church fit into God’s plan and what does it matter?

Friday Night

Session 1 (7-8 pm) - The One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ

Session 2 (8-9 pm) - The Old Covenant Law

Saturday Morning

Session 3 (9-9:50 am) - The Law of Christ

Session 4 (10-10:50 am) - Israel Restored

Session 5 (11am -12 pm) - So What?

Friday Night

Session 1 (7-8 pm) - Gospel Grammar

Session 2 (8-9 pm) - Not Under the Law

Saturday Morning

Session 3 (9-9:50 am) - Under the Law of Christ

Session 4 (10-10:50 am) - The Centrality of Love

Session 5 (11am -12 pm) - New Covenant Ethics

Friday Night

Session 1 (7-8 pm) - Introduction

Session 2 (8-9 pm) - Key Old Testament Passages

Saturday Morning

Session 3 (9-9:50 am) - New Testament: Gospel and Acts

Session 4 (10-10:50 am) - New Testament: Acts and Paul

Session 5 (11am -12 pm) - New Testament: The Letters


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New Covenant Theology is a developing system of theology that seeks to let the Bible inform our theology. This sounds basic, and almost all systems of theology claim that their system is based upon the Bible. As I hope to show you, New Covenant Theology is the system of theology that allows the Bible to have the “final say” most consistently. Whereas Dispensationalism stands on presuppositions provided by its beloved Scofield Bible and Covenant Theology stands on presuppositions provided by its cherished Westminster Confession, New Covenant Theology does not have any outside document that must be imposed on the text of Scripture. It strives to let the Sacred Text speak on its own terms.


What are Christians to obey? The Bible is the simple answer of course, but upon further investigation, things are not quite that simple. For example, I am sure we have all heard a Christian condemning and calling homosexuality an abomination based upon Leviticus 18:22 or 20:13. However, if one looks on the next page at Leviticus 19:27, should we not also conclude that we should not get haircuts or shave? Why is one normative, but not the other? Christianity, after all, is not simply a code of ethics. It is not just a moral system. Being a Christian is not simply trying to 'do what Jesus did.' No, the foundation of the Christian life is the gospel of Jesus Christ. All else flows from the good news of Christ crucified for sinners. 


What do you think, are the Jews still God’s chosen people? Is your answer based more on theological tradition or the clear teaching of Scripture? In other words, how would you make your case from the Bible?

In God’s Chosen People, theologian and pastor A. Blake White makes his biblical case that "Jesus Christ and His people are the fulfillment of all OT prophecy,” even the prophecies about the Jews. Now that Christ has come, it’s about your faith, not your family tree. Actually, that was God’s plan all along.


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