Essential Reading on Manhood


Baucham, Family Driven Faith – guidebook for fathers.

_______. Family Shepherds – handbook on how to lead your family.

_______. What He Must Be. Book for moving boys to men.

Buzzard, Date Your Wife – men keep pursuing their woman. – great website on all things gender related.

Challies, Do More Better – short book on productivity.

Chanski, Manly Dominion – book on manhood.

Chester, You Can Change – book on sanctification: heart and life change.

Crouch, The Tech-Wise Family – men must have dominion over screens.

Dever, What is a Healthy Church – men of God are churchmen.

ESV Study Bible – the best study Bible on the market.

Frederick, 40 Prayers for My Wife – helpful guide to pray more specifically for your bride.

Keller, Every Good Endeavor – Keller on work.

Köstenberger, God, Marriage, and Family – what the Bible teaches on these important topics.

Farrar, Point Man – book on how a man can lead his family.

Grudem, Christian Beliefs – men need to know sound doctrine.

Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man – book on what a godly man does.

Lambert, Finally Free – book on fighting for purity. Best out there.

LaHaye, The Act of Marriage – not all is good, but your woman should be climaxing regularly.

Mahaney, Humility – great book on an all-important virtue.

_______. Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God – practical helps with theological grounding.

Mansield, The Book of Manly Men – book on masculinity.

McCay, The Art of Manliness – secular, but fun book on masculinity.

Mohler, The Conviction to Lead – one the country’s greatest Christian leaders on leading.

Payne, Fatherhood – book on fathers.

Packer, Knowing God – modern day classic devotional book. Know God.

Phillips, Masculine Mandate – book on masculinity.

Piper and Grudem, Fifty Crucial Questions – helps on combatting our feministic culture.

_______. Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – big, deep exegetical and theological work.

Piper, This Momentary Marriage – book on marriage, emphasis on covenantal commitment.

_______. What’s the Difference – booklet on what the Bible says about men and women.

Priolo, The Complete Husband – book for husbands.

Roberts, God’s Big Picture – book on the big picture of the Bible.

Sommers, Christina Hoff, The War Against Boys – sociology book on how culture is against us.

Stinson and Dumas, A Guide to Biblical Manhood – short, practical guide.

Strachan and Peacock, The Grand Design – God’s design for humanity.

Thomas, Sacred Marriage – great marriage book.

Tripp, Shepherding a Child’s Heart – the best parenting book out there.

Wilson, Father Hunger – fathers are so important.

_______. Future Men  - how to raise men.

_______. Reforming Marriage – short book on marriage.

Whitney, Family Worship – one of the main ways men lead is through family worship.

Here is a list on womanhood.