Recommended NT Commentaries

Matthew – R.T. France (NICNT); D.A. Carson (EBC); Craig Blomberg (NAC)

Mark – R.T. France (NIGTC); William Lane (NICNT), Joel Marcus

Luke – David Garland (ZEC); Darrell Bock (BECNT, 2 vols.), R.T. France (Teach the Text), Anyabwile (CCE)

John – D.A. Carson (Pillar); George Beasley-Murray (WBC)

Acts – David Peterson (Pillar); Richard Longenecker (EBC); Stott The Spirit, Church, World, Mohler (Acts for You)

Romans Douglas Moo (NICNT); Thomas Schreiner (BEC); John Stott (BST); Bird, The Story of God, Keller (Romans for You)

1 Corinthians – Gordon Fee (NICNT); Craig Blomberg (NIVAC), Brian Rosner & Roy Ciampa (Pillar), Keller’s Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, Winter’s After Paul Left Corinth; Furnish, Theology of 1 Cor

2 Corinthians – Paul Barnett (NICNT); Scott Hafemann (NIVAC), Furnish (Anchor)

Galatians – Richard Longenecker (WBC); Thomas Schreiner (ZEC); Timothy George (NAC); D.A. Carson (Pillar, forthcoming); Douglas Moo (BECNT), Keller (Gal for You)

Ephesians – Peter T. O’Brien (Pillar); John Stott (BST), Ferguson (Let’s Study)

Philippians – Peter T. O’Brien (NIGTC); Frank Thielman (NIVAC), Harmon (Mentor), Ferguson (Let’s Study)

Colossians/Philemon – Douglas Moo (Pillar); Peter T. O’Brien (WBC); F.F. Bruce (NICNT); G.K. Beale (BECNT, forthcoming), Pao (ZECNT)

1 & 2 Thessalonians – G.K. Beale (IVP); F.F.Bruce (WBC); Gordon Fee (NICNT)

Pastorals – George Knight III (NIGCT); I.H. Marshall (ICC); G.K. Beale (ZEC forthcoming), Kosternberger (BTPC)

Hebrews – Peter T. O’Brien (Pillar); William Lane (WBC, 2 vols); F.F. Bruce (NICNT); D.A. Carson (BECNT forthcoming), Douglas Moo (ZEC forthcoming), Andrews A Glorious High Throne, France (EBC)

James – Douglas Moo (Pillar); Dan McCartney (BECNT)

1 Peter – Thomas Schreiner (NAC); Wayne Grudem (Tyndale); Hafemann (Pillar forthcoming), Jobes (BECCNT), Sanchez (1 Pet for You)

2 Peter/Jude – Thomas Schreiner (NAC); Douglas Moo (NIVAC)

Johannine Epistles – Colin Kruse (Pillar); John Stott (Tyndale); D.A. Carson (NIGTC forthcoming)

RevelationDays of Vengeance by David Chilton; G.K. Beale (NIGTC); J.N. Darby (just kidding); D.A. Carson (Pillar forthcoming), Four Views by Gregg

One volume commentary is the New Bible Commentary (IVP).

Study Bibles: ESV Study Bible and NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible