Top Reads of 2018

It is that time of year again. . . . Here are the top ten books I enjoyed reading in 2018:

  • Newton on the Christian Life by Reinke - John Newton is the man. Nuff said. But Tony Reinke is a gifted and sympathetic writer. Super devotional.

  • Spurgeon : A New Biography by Dallimore - this was probably favorite read of the year. What a man Spurgeon was.

  • This Momentary Marriage by Piper - I read this one with a few guys and was refreshed by Piper’s dogged commitment to the covenantal nature of marriage.

  • The Thing Is by Payne - This is a great little book that brings much of the vision of Mathias Media on disciple-making into a popular level treatment.

  • Galatians by Hays - Hays is not my theological tribe, but reading through this commentary was a delight, even though his new perspective lenses skew a good bit of his reading of Galatians.

  • 1 Peter for You by Sanchez - this was the most helpful book in preaching through 1 Peter last Spring. Juan does a great job combining exegetical depth and pastoral application.

  • Mere Sexuality by Wilson - An important book. Highly recommended in our current cultural climate.

  • The Church Trilogy by Thorn - I loved these three little books, on the heart of the church, the character of the church ,and the life of the church. Will use these often.

  • The Tech-Wise Family by Crouch- Timely. I thought I was a fairly Luddite leader of the home, but was stretched and challenged by this one.

  • The Duties of Parents by Ryle. JC Ryle is a hero. This is a very short booklet that I wish all parents would read and implement. I bought a case to make available at our church. Gold on every page.

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