Walking with Jesus

What does it mean to walk with the Lord? Many things could be said, but I want to highlight one key ingredient from Colossians 1-2. In 1:9-12, he prays that we'd be filled with the knowledge of his will so that we would walk (peripatēō) in a manner worthy of the Lord. "Walk" is the main verb, then there are four participles modifying "walk:"

Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord

  1) bearing fruit in every good work
  2) increasing in the knowledge of God
  3) being strengthened by His power
  4) giving joyful thanks (eucharistēō)

Skip ahead to chapter 2:6-7 and Paul gives us the first imperative of the letter. As we received the Christ the Lord, so walk (peripatēō) in Him. Then, again, he unpacks what it means to walk in Christ with four participles:

Walk in Him

  1) being rooted
  2) and built up in Him
  3) established in the faith
  4) abounding in thanksgiving (eucharistia)

Much could be said, but note that in both passages, part of walking with the Lord is being thankful. Flip side: where there is ingratitude, we are no longer walking with the Lord! When we know God, ourselves, and the work of Christ on our behalf, we have every reason to be a thankful people. Lord, help us!