The Pastor and Counseling by Pierre and Reju

I recently finished this book and found it helpful. Here is a brief outline/summary:

INTRODUCTION: Jesus Christ is the means and goal of change.


Ch. 1 – Laboring for Your People: Ministry is suffering and personal (identifying with weakness and sin, speaking to people on God’s behalf). You will improve with practice and keeping your confidence in Christ.

Ch. 2 – Where Do We Begin?: Initial goals are addressing the presenting problem, displaying the relevance of the Gospel, and helping people grow in Christlikeness. In the initial contact, preview (use Personal Background Form), prioritize, and pursue.

Ch. 3 – Your Method: How You Do Counseling: Listen to problem, consider heart responses, speak truth in love. Consider circumstances, other people, self, God. Help them have an accurate view of God.


Ch. 4 – The Initial Meeting: Establish a relational connection (listen, build trust, ask how you can help today),  explore the concern, display hope, set expectations (assign prep work, trace out parameters, calendar, pray).

Ch. 5 – Laboring for Change: Get an update, ask about prep work (understand Text?, see implications, how those implications relate to Christ), continue to explore the concern (don’t be hasty or simplistic and don’t assume they are fully conscious of their motivations), offer redemptive remedies (your goal is to promote faith that results in heart-felt, Christ-exalting worship regardless of the circumstances) by using a variety of angles: reintroduce God, depsychologize, deprogram performance, contrast functional and confessional assumptions, reframe, uncover underlying dynamics, show consequences, confront and reorient, and suggest short-term and long-term goals.

Ch. 6 – The Final Meeting: Review major themes, entrust them to the regular ministries and care of the church.


Ch. 7 – Never Laboring Alone: Toward a Culture of Discipleship: "A culture of discipleship means that members don't have to sign up for anything or get permission to love one another. It is a church culture where it is normal for the members to take initiative to love one another and do each other spiritual good. This church culture is not a program, but something that flows in the lifeblood of the church."

Ch. 8 – Laboring Wisely: Using Resources Well