My New Book on Israel and the Church

I am really excited to announce the release of my new book, God's Chosen People. As you probably know, the relationship between Israel and the church is a debated one. It is also extremely important. In some ways, most of the NT is dealing with this issue. It certainly looms large in the Gospels, Acts, Romans, and Galatians. We all come to these passages with certain lenses and this book is meant to help us examine those assumptions in light of Scripture, especially the NT view of the OT. We want and need to have an apostolic hermeneutic as we approach these passages.

In many ways, this book is an exegetical handbook on the key passages. I hope it is accessible and helpful. Coming in at just under 200 pages, it should meet a need. Being such an important topic, I was surprised at how few shorter, accessible resources there are on the church and Israel.

Grab a copy from Amazon or Cross to Crown.