The Most Urgent Need of the Church

“The most urgent need in the Church today, even that part of it which is evangelical, is the recovery of the Gospel as the Bible reveals it to us. This is often quite different from the ways in which we have reconstructed it through psychology, the fashions of this culture, or our commercial life. The Church needs to recover some old habits now much discarded, like learning to think of sin as moral failure before God and the self as needing to be restrained, displaced, and forgotten, and seeing God not for his value to us as consumers but for the value he has in himself. His glory should be a matter of more profound interest to the Church than its self-satisfaction. The emancipation that the Gospel offers, after all, is not only from the judgment of God but from the tyranny of self as well. Its freedom is, in part, the freedom to be forgetful of the self in its imperious demands and its insatiable appetite for attention, the freedom to think that God is important in and of himself and not simply in relation to what he can do for us."

 -David Wells, Losing Our Virtue, 204