8 Resources on the Restoration of Israel

I recently finished a 45K word manuscript on the expansion of the church as the restoration of Israel. Twas a rich study! I don't hear this theme of sin/exile/restoration preached/talked about enough so I wanted to point readers to a few helpful resources. The Bible is full of the stuff. Here are some helps:

Roy Ciampa, "The History of Redemption," in Central Themes in Biblical Theology 

R.T. France, "Old Testament Prophecy and the Future of Israel" 

Scot McKnight, A New Vision for Israel

C. Marvin Pate, The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology

James Scott, "Restoration of Israel" in DPL.

________. "Jesus' Vision for the Restoration of Israel as the Basis for a Biblical Theology," in Biblical Theology: Retrospect Prospect

Chris Wright, "A Christian Approach to Old Testament Prophecy Concerning Israel"

N.T. Wright, Jesus and the Victory of God