The Pastor Theologian

I enjoyed this piece with KJV on the pastor as organic intellectual. A few nuggets:

  • Success in ministry is determined not by numbers (e.g., people, programs, dollars) but by the increase of people’s knowledge and love of God.
  • The kind of intellectual I have in mind is a particular kind of generalist who knows how to relate big truths to real people.
  • Reading books–not only of theology but also of fiction–ought to be part of every pastor’s plan of action for staying out ahead of the flock.
  • The pastor theologian is a special kind of generalist: a generalist who specializes in viewing all of life as relating to God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Better: the pastor-theologian is an organic intellectual who is present as the mind of Christ, which animates the body of Christ.
Also see his 55 theses on the pastor theologian.