Colossians Outline

I am teaching through Colossians in 8 weeks this Fall and am always helped by outlining the book to keep the big pic in mind. Here it is:


I.       Greeting 1:1-2

II.     Thanksgiving 1:3-8

III.    Christ & His Work Related to the False Teaching 1:9-2:5

A.    Prayer for Wisdom and Growth 1:9-14

B.     Christ the Lord over creation and the Church 1:15-20

C.    Reconciliation and Perseverance 1:21-23

D.    Paul's Ministry 1:24-2:5

IV.    Walk in Him: The Gospel-Centered Life 2:6-4:6

A.      Life in Christ 2:6-15

B.       Don’t Be Enslaved to Man-Made Rules 2:16-23

C.    Raised with Christ 3:1-4

D.     Put Sin to Death 3:5-11

E.     Put on Goodness 3:12-17

F.    Christ in the House 3:18-4:1

G.    Missional Living 4:2-6

V.     Greetings and instructions 4:7-18