Preaching from an iPad

So, this blog barely exists anymore. My bad. It is dang hard to blog well in the midst of full time ministry. Speaking of which, I recently made the jump to preaching from my iPad and after three weeks, I'm sold.

Typically, I'm old school. I prefer hardback to Kindle all day. But the more I thought about it the more sense it made to go digital for preaching notes. My practice has consistently been to carry one piece of paper with notes printed on both sides to the pulpit. I would do my best to fit it all on that one sheet so that I did not have to deal with flipping through pages. Just one page flip.

I typically preach for 30 minutes and write a rough manuscript, meaning that pretty much everything I plan to say is in my notes, but there will be some shorthand. I try to know my material well enough that I treat the manuscript as an outline, but it is all there in case I need it. I'd also just bold the verse number then read it from my Bible. So my main motive in moving to the iPad was so I could expand my notes and not worry about space while at the same time not having to deal with multiple pages or a notebook of notes. There are other perks, of course, but this was my main motive.

So here is the process that is working well for me so far. I have a PC so I write my manuscript in Word. A final product is usually 3-5 pages in 12 point font. I jack up the font size to 16 and save it as a PDF. I then email it to myself, and open it up in iBooks, which allows you to swipe to turn pages rather than scroll. I love this part. No pages to deal with; just a swipe of the finger.

Before preaching I turn it to airplane mode, turn the volume down, and invert the colors so that there is no glare from my glasses. I bought a nice Pad and Quill cover because it makes the iPad look like a book. And I still carry my Bible with me and read the text in full from my Bible. Though I may not always do this, for now I think it is helpful as a visual reminder that what I am about to say comes from God's authority - not mine.

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