Discipleship Today

"All this seems a far cry from present-day Christian discipleship as we know it in the West, where minister's energy is devoted to inducing people to join up, not to dissuading them, where discipleship seems to cost nothing but an occasional modest financial contribution, if even that, and where the only obvious difference between the average Christian and his or her neighbours is that strange habit of going out to church on Sunday mornings. Of course present-day disciples cannot be called literally to give up their homes to travel round with Jesus, and they will probably not be sent out to exorcize demons. But we may well wonder what has happened to the all-or-nothing commitment Jesus demanded, the conspicuously different way of life outlined in the Beatitudes, the mutual love and humility, and the practical day-to-day dependence on God which were to the hallmark of those who followed Jesus. A 'city built on a hill cannot be hidden', said Jesus, but modern Western Christianity seems to have perfected the art of camouflage."

-RT France, Jesus the Radical, 74-75