Permit Me a Rant on Punctuality

Will you permit me a rant?

Thank you. My generation is terrible with time. But so is yours. We have been a part of several different ministries and churches and punctuality is consistently not a priority. How many of your churches do not fill up until mid way through the second song? How many ministries have to say the start time is fifteen minutes before the intended start time? This should not be so.

To the leaders, value your people's time. If you say a certain event or service is 8 to 10, work hard to make sure it lasts from 8 to 10. Typically, the problem for leaders is not finishing on time. Exercise dominion over your material and scrap what exceeds the time limit. If you run in my type of circles, chances are you have too much content anyway. If some discussion or something gets side-tracked for 15 minutes, that doesn't mean you keep folks 15 minutes longer; it means you scrap 15 minutes of your stuff. I can't say this strongly enough for the sake of the parents, especially of young children. As you parents know, it is no small deal to dress, load up, and arrive. But to continue on while kids self-destruct all around because it is past their bed time, is simply not courteous. Start and end on time.

To the congregants, show up on time. Typically, folks have spent hours planning whatever event it may be. Honor them by showing up on time, or even early! If you are heading to a home group that lasts from 2 to 4, show up at 2 and leave at 4. Praise God there is often lots of sweet fellowship after such meetings have officially ended, but be discerning about your extended presence. Usually the hosts have cleaned up, prepared food or snacks, and will have to clean up after you leave.

It is striking that most employees wouldn't dare stroll into their jobs 10-15 minutes late but this regularly happens for worship services. Accidents happen, and there are always exceptions but most of the time we are late due to our own lack of discipline. So honor and encourage the leaders and volunteers who are leading the event or service you are attending by being there when it starts.

And if you are late to your next event, remember that we are justified by faith not punctuality. Jesus loves you.