The Church has become the true Israel of God

Grudem on 1 Peter 2:4-10:

"God has bestowed on the church almost all the blessings promised to Israel in the Old Testament. The dwelling place of God is no longer the Jerusalem Temple, for Christians are the new 'temple' of God. . . The priesthood able to offer acceptable sacrifices to God is no longer descended from Aaron, for Christians are now the true 'royal priesthood' with access before God's throne (vv. 4-5, 9). God's chosen people are no longer said to be the people of God, for Christians - both Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians - are now 'God's people' (v. 10a) and those who have 'received mercy' (v. 10b). Moreover, Peter takes these quotations from contexts which repeatedly warn that God will reject his people who persist in rebellion against him, who reject the precious 'cornerstone' which he has established. What more could be needed in order to say with assurance that the church has now become the true Israel of God."