Cohesion in the book of Acts

"The inauguration of the kingdom of God therefore provides cohesion to the emphases in Acts on

(1) the sovereign plan of God,

(2) the reign of the Davidic King Jesus,

(3) the spread of the word and the strengthening of local churches in the midst of opposition,

(4) the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the offer of God's end-time blessings on the basis of his death and resurrection,

(5) the fulfilment of God's saving promises in the restoration of God's people,

(6) the pouring out of the Holy Spirit from the risen and reigning Lord Jesus,

(7) the replacement and fulfilment of the temple in Jesus, and

(8) the salvation-historical shift to the teaching of the apostles as the guiding authority for God's people."

-Alan J. Thompson, The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus, 195