American Evangelicals & Militarism

Sane posts here by Preston Sprinkle:

A couple excerpts:

"the American Evangelical church is largely (not completely) seduced by military might."

"In fact, Romans 13; being ubiquitously cited throughout Grudem’s book, is given a near-John 3:16 status: the definitive lens through which Christians should think about war. The assumption, of course, is that America is the good nation and Iraq and Afghanistan are the bad nations. Maybe they are, but who gets to determine who is good and who is bad? Were it flipped around and Romans 13 was used to validated Pakistan’s or Iraq’s invasion of America as punishment for horrific drone strikes killing civilians and children, or wholesale slaughter of women and children in, for instance, southern Kandaharor Haditha, most would see this as a mis-reading of Romans 13."