SWBTS PhD Reading Seminar in Systematic Theology

In case you had an ounce of curiosity about what students read at SWBTS, here is what we are reading in one of my classes. This list of books is for the PhD reading seminar in systematic theology led by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell and Dr. John Massey:

Aug. 29 - Orientation (Read Yarnell, “To the End of Glorifying Jesus”)

Sep. 5 - Paul L. Allen, Theological Method: A Guide for the Perplexed (Survey of Theological Method)

Sept. 12 - David K. Clark, To Know and Love God, chs. 1-7 (Reformed Method)

Sept. 19 - George A. Lindbeck, The Nature of Doctrine (Postliberal Method)

Sept. 26 - Malcolm Yarnell, The Formation of Christian Doctrine (Free Church Method)

Oct. 10 - Carl F.H. Henry, God, Revelation and Authority, Vol. 1, chs. 1-4, 11-14; vol. 2, pp. 7-16 (Revelation)

Oct. 17 - John Webster, Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch; Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, I/1, pp. 1-124 (Revelation)

Oct. 24 - Augustine, De Trinitate, Book 15 only; Karl Rahner, The Trinity (Trinity)

Oct. 31 - Herbert Butterfield, Christianity and History (Providence)

Nov. 7 - Marc Cortez, Theological Anthropology: A Guide for the Perplexed (Survey of Anthropology)

Nov 14 - Nonna Verna Harrison, God's Many-Splendored Image: Theological Anthropology for Christian Formation (Orthodox Anthropology)

Nov. 28 - Gerald O’Collins, Christology, chs. 1-9; Richard Bauckham, God Crucified, original essay only (Christology)

Jan. 30 - Leon Morris, The Cross in the New Testament (Atonement)

Feb. 6 - Paige Patterson, “The Atonement,” in Akin, A Theology for the Church (Atonement)

Feb. 13 - Yves Congar, I Believe in the Holy Spirit, Vol I, Part I and Vol III, Part I (Pneumatology)

Feb. 20 - Malcolm Yarnell, “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit,” in Akin, A Theology for the Church (Pneumatology)

Feb. 27 - Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification; John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book III (Soteriology)

Mar. 6 - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Discipleship (Soteriology)

Mar. 20 - Franklin H. Littell, The Anabaptist View of the Church; Malcolm Yarnell, “Article VI: The Church,” in Blount and Wooddell, The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (Ecclesiology)

Mar. 27 - Hans Kung, The Church (Ecclesiology)

Apr. 3 - George Beasley-Murray, Baptism in the New Testament (Ecclesiology)

Apr. 10 - George Eldon Ladd, The Blessed Hope (Eschatology)

Apr. 17 - Craig A. Blaising and Darrell Bock, Progressive Dispensationalism (Eschatology)

Apr. 24 - John D. Zizoulas, Lectures in Christian Dogmatics (Greek Orthodox/Contempory Theology)

May 1 To Be Determined