Scripture is Missional

"This is what it is meant by Scripture being missional: Scripture is designed by God to work its story into persons of God so that they may become doers of the good. Scripture is missional because it is designed to create restored Eikons who are in union with God and communion with others for the good of others and the world. Scripture, I sometimes have to tell myself, is not designed just to be exegeted and probed and pulled apart until it yields its (gnostic-like) secrets to those who know its languages and its interpretive traditions and who can then divulge their gleanings behind pulpits on Sunday mornings or in monographs and academic journals (very few care to read).

Scripture is missional because it is designed to create missional people who learn from their missional praxis how to see Scripture as a missional text that shapes them so that they can live in the story that the church tells in Scripture. To use the terms of Kevin Vanhoozer in his massive The Drama of Scripture [sic], Scripture is a "theo-dramatic script" that is performed by the people of God on the world's historical stage."

Scot McKnight, A Community Called Atonement, 147.