Martoia on Vanhoozer's Drama of Doctrine

I found the following end note regarding Kevin Vanhoozer's Drama of Doctrine in Ron Martoia's The Bible as Improv interesting:

"Vanhoozer's book is, quite honestly, breathtaking, but it is such a lengthy and cumbersome volume that it will never reach most pastors, let alone the average person in the pew. See his own admission in the preface: 'Some of the energy that I hope to communicate in this book may be overshadowed by its mass. I had originally intended to write a short, constructive manifesto.' The mass of the volume? Nearly 500 pages (with 86 footnotes in the introduction alone)! And so it is that many pastors and people in our faith communities never interact with this kind of material. A book such as this feels removed from the everyday bump and grind of ministry and life because it looks, reads, and feels so academic. With books of this mass and density, we are not likely to make inroads into overturning tired paradigms at the practical level. We will continue to have these conversations at academic conventions but not in many churches. Vanhoozer is a winsome writer with profound and important things to say. Sadly, I haven't met one pastor of the hundreds I work with each year who has even heard of the book" (204-205)