Pre-PhD Summer Reading

I always bite off way more than I can chew, and end up making changes along the way, but here are my hopes for my last summer before the PhD starts:

  • Two Testaments, One Bible - David Baker
  • The Fabric of Theology - Richard Lints (re-read)
  • An Uncommon Union - John Hannah
  • Biblical Theology in Crisis - Brevard Childs
  • Defending the Faith - D.G. Hart
  • This World is Not My Home - Michael Williams
  • Progressive Covenant Theology - Blaising/Bock (re-read)
  • Kingdom Through Covenant - Gentry/Wellum
  • Dominion and Dynasty - Stephen Dempster (re-read, again)
  • A House for My Name - Peter Leithart
  • Jesus and the Victory of God  - N.T. Wright (finish)
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion - John Calvin (start)
  • The Reformers and Their Step-Children - Leonard Verduin (finish)
  • Biblical Theology - Perdue/Morgan/Sommer
Any particular reads you are excited about this summer?