What is New Covenant Theology? An Introduction

My new book, What is New Covenant Theology: An Introduction is now available from Amazon and New Covenant Media. I am really excited about this little book. I hope it serves to introduce many to the core of New Covenant Theology. I worked hard to keep it short and accessible.

Here is the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1 – One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ
  • Chapter 2 – The Old Testament Should Be Interpreted in Light of the New Testament 
  • Chapter 3 – The Old Covenant Was Temporary by Divine Design 
  • Chapter 4 – The Law Is a Unit 
  • Chapter 5 – Christians Are Not Under the Law of Moses, but the ‘Law’ of Christ 
  • Chapter 6 – All Members of the New Covenant Community Have the Holy Spirit 
  • Chapter 7 – The Church Is the Eschatological Israel 
  • Conclusion 
  • Recommended Reading

Here are the endorsements:

“This small book is a doctrinal pamphlet packed with straight-forward, palatable teaching on New Covenant Theology (NCT) distinctives regarding seven major Christ-centered doctrinal areas. It will surely provide a valuable service to those church members for whom it was intended, written by a gifted scholar. Although small, it is an important work that explains the essence and basis for a more accurate biblical and theological hermeneutical system. It is purposely designed in clear, succinct language to provide its target audience with what NCT is about in furtherance of the gospel. Pastors and teachers are encouraged to promote this fine, articulate work.”

Gary D. Long, Th.D., Faculty President, Providence Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, CO

“Blake White has written a wonderfully accessible primer on new covenant theology. Some think the only options out there are dispensationalism or covenant theology and have not even heard of new covenant theology. This is the ideal book to give to someone who wants a brief and convincing exposition of new covenant thought. I recommend this work gladly.”

Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“In a very readable, accurate, and succinct manner, Blake White covers the basics of New Covenant Theology. He nicely distinguishes NCT from dispensational and covenant theology by showing NCT's distinctives but in a way that is not complicated or difficult to understand. In addition, for those who often misunderstand NCT, this work also clearly teaches what is at the heart of NCT and how it seeks to understand the whole counsel of God in a way that is true to the Bible's own storyline and which is centered in Christ. I highly recommend this work for those who want to know more about NCT, for those who want to think through how "to put the Bible together," and mostly for those who want to rejoice in Jesus Christ our Lord, our glorious mediator and head of the new covenant.”

Stephen J. Wellum, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Blake White has given us another concise treatment on New Covenant Theology. His approach is "big brush strokes." This makes the work to be extremely useful for someone just becoming acquainted with New Covenant Theology. The author states his purpose at the beginning: ‘In this book, I want to lay out the core concepts of New Covenant Theology . . . . . my aim is to make the essentials of New Covenant Theology available in an accessible way for church members.’ I am sure the reader will quickly realize the author has attained is goal.”

John G. Reisinger, Evangelist and Author

“A. Blake White’s book, An Introduction to New Covenant Theology, is exactly what it says! In clear, simple language White shows how this relatively new theological formulation tracks God’s unfolding plan of redemption through the Bible to its culmination in Jesus Christ. All that God has done in Christ is truly amazing and apprehending these truths opens up new vistas of adoration, understanding, and direction in living a life pleasing to God. If you want to better understand the Bible’s own way of presenting the gospel, this book is highly recommended.”

Kirk M. Wellum, Principal, Toronto Baptist Seminary

“What attracts me to this way of seeing Scripture is its determination to use Bible words for Bible concepts, its commitment to following the progressive development of God’s revelation, and its clear view of promise and fulfillment in the central figure of all revelation, Jesus Christ. I have friends and heroes on all sides of the discussion, but after years of Bible study on this subject, I have arrived where the author has arrived. I’m so thankful Blake White has put his studies into our hands and recommend this book as a useful introductory guide to comprehending the aim of the Bible. I’ll use it often.”

Jim Elliff, President, Christian Communicators Worldwide

“Blake White has done us a great service in making clear the basic ideas of New Covenant Theology. By reducing it to these basics it will make it easier to criticize and correct. So much controversy among Christians is due to not understanding the basic principles of the thing being argued about. For this reason I commend it to my fellow Christians. Also I commend it because I think it is right!”

Tom Wells, Author of The Christian and the Sabbath, The Priority of Jesus Christ, and many other books. He is also co-author of New Covenant Theology.

“This book gets to the heart of the debate over New Covenant Theology. I commend the book for how concise and clear it is on key issues and I am especially excited by its irenic tone. May the Lord use it to move the discussion forward.”

Jason C. Meyer, Associate Professor of New Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary

“If you want a book that gets to the core of New Covenant Theology, this is it. When someone asks you to explain NCT, you now have a concise resource to put in their hands. Blake White has composed a helpful map for navigating the three major interpretive approaches to the Bible. Don't just read it, give copies to those who need to be reminded that Christ is all in all.”

Douglas Goodin, President, Cross to Crown Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO

“Blake has given us a basic primer on New Covenant Theology that lays out the fundamental truths of this system of biblical truth. The book is easy to read and follow. The strength of the book is its clear explanation of the difference between the old covenant and the new covenant. This difference between the two covenants describes the essence of what is New Covenant Theology and why it is so different from Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism.”

Geoff Volker, Director of In-Depth Studies, Temple, AZ