My 2 Year Old & Original Sin

As has been said, there is at least one empirically verifiable doctrine: original sin. Those who claim that human nature is basically pure and good are either deluded or have never had kids. I love my 2 year old to death, but the lil' dude clearly has a hard heart. As Luther would say, he is curved in on himself.

We recently went to the doctor for his 2 year check up, and they distributed paperwork that outlined various things we should be experiencing and other things we should expect. Here is a sample:

Emotional Development 

  • Gets upset and impatient easily. 
  • Shows anger by crying or striking out. 
  • Gets frustrated when not understood. 
  • Wants own way. 
  • May assert self by saying “no”. 
  • Goes back to acting like a baby at times. 
  • Is upset when daily routine changes. 
  • Has sharp mood changes. 

Social Development

  • Does not share. 
  • Claims everything is “mine”. 
  • May scratch, hit bite, and push other children.

Mental Development  

  •  “Likes to “do-it-myself”. 
  • Cannot be reasoned with much of the time.

If we are honest, we all share these attitudes all too often.