Douglas Wilson to Sam Harris

"Now I know that if you have read this far, it is probably because you are just 'indulging the preacher.' But I do want you to know that I know that this sounds like gibberish to you. As an argument, I know that it seems beyond strange. 'A Jewish carpenter was executed by the authorities of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, and this happened so that our sins could be forgiven?' So why do I repeat it then, knowing how strange it sounds to you? Well, the answer is that God has promised to transform the entire world - a multitude beyond all counting was promised to Abraham - as people listen to this particular story being told. And for two thousand years He has been doing exactly that. And so Christians will continue to tell it until He stops fulfilling His word, which means that this is the story that will be told to the end of the world. May the Lord call you to Himself, on the basis of this kind gospel. But whether He does this or not, if we ever meet, I would love to buy you a beer."

--Letter From a Christian Citizen, 108-09