My New Book: 'Abide in Him"

My new book, Abide in Him: A Theological Interpretation of John's First Letter (131 pp) is now available from Amazon ($13.95) and New Covenant Media ($11.16). In it I simply walk through the text of 1 John seeking to explain and apply it in an accessible manner.

Here are the endorsements:

“If I were to pick one section of this commentary that gives the heartbeat of both the commentary and of New Covenant Theology, it would be the following:
‘As should be clear by now, love for John is not an emotion but is always practical and active. Love of fellow Christians expresses itself with actions and in truth. Love and obedience go hand in hand. Jesus made this clear in the Upper Room Discourse. John 14:15 says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” In John 14:21, Jesus said that the one who has and keeps his commandments is the one who loves him. John is a faithful interpreter of the mind of Jesus.’”

--- John Reisinger, Author, Editor, Sovereign Grace New Covenant Ministries [from the Foreword]

"Most commentary-like books teach you about the text. This one teaches you about Christ. Blake White leads you to think about how John's letter should impact your love for the Savior and his people. He also gives clarity to some notoriously obscure statments. Bring this book alongside every reading and study of First John.

---Douglas Goodin, President, Cross to Crown Ministries

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