Top 10 Reads of 2011

Each year I post the top ten reads of the year. These aren't the top ten published in 2011, nor are they books I would necessarily recommend for everyone. They are simply the top ten books I enjoyed reading this year. In no particular order:

  • Reading Paul by Michael Gorman - Michael Gorman is one of my favorite NT scholars. His book Cruciformity made my top ten list last year. This is a very good introduction to Paul. I definitely do not agree with him on everything, but this little book (188 pp) was a delight to read.
  • The Triumph of Abraham's God by Bruce Longenecker - I loved this book because I love all things Galatians. Again, just in case someone wants to throw a label on me, I didn't like everything in this book. I am not a New Perspective guy, but this book was rich with exegetical insight.
  • The Law and the New Testament by Frank Thielman - Thielman is a PCA guy, but his exegesis is more New Covenant Theology than PCA. Great little book showing the discontinuity of the law of Moses.
  • New Covenant Theology by Wells and Zaspel - I first read this one in 2004. It was my second book to read on New Covenant Theology. I remember sitting at the coffee shop in Hastings, thinking "This is it!" I re-read it this year and was just as encouraged (probably more so since I now understand the issues better).
  • The Trellis and the Vine by Marshall and Payne - This is a fantastic book on Christian ministry. Read it and give copies to your church leaders. Disciples are those who make disciples.
  • A Light to the Nations by Michael Goheen - I had been waiting for this one for 3-4 years. The book that is written by Goheen and Bartholomew called The Drama of Scripture may be my favorite book, period, so I was very excited about this one. It is about the missional church and the biblical story. It is a nice combo of missional ecclesiology and biblical theology.
  • New Covenant Morality in Paul by T.J. Deidun - Another very technical work, but really good. Probably the best book I have read on Paul's ethics, though John Barclay is a close second and I have yet to read all of Furnish.
  • Covenant and Community by William Klassen - This book is about the life, writings, and hermeneutics of Anabaptist leader Pilgram Marpeck. It was the first work I have read about Marpeck, and I plan to get to know this man very well in years to come.
  • Gospel by J.D. Greear - This is a great book on gospel centrality. Out of the many "gospel-centered" books I have read lately, I think this one is most balanced. Full of practical, heart-level application.
I would like to add an 11th for the year. I don't include it because it is not yet published. It is a book called Jesus, the Reason for Everything, by Doug Goodin. It is a very accessible call to live a "Christ-obsessed" life. It will be a book you will want to hand out to friends and family. Keep an eye out for it.

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