Pope Don Carson & his Magnum Opus

I love D.A. Carson's work. Obviously, he is not my pope, but I take everything he says and writes seriously. He is a unique gift to the church. I have learned about Postmodernism, the new perspective on Paul, exegesis in ST, evangelism, biblical theology, and obviously NT studies from him.

One of the ways I have been most helped by Pope Don is the whole area of the NT use of the OT. He himself has taught, preached, and written on this subject often, and he is editor of the Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament along with G.K. Beale. He is also editor of the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Pretty much every volume in that series is worth reading. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Carson one time in Ohio. Knowing he was busy, I just thanked him for that series. It has been a blessing.

In Andreas Kostenberger's biographical sketch on Carson, he mentions a major volume dealing with the NT use of the OT (p.3). I can't remember who or where, but I recall someone saying that he wanted to do more exegesis in preparation for this volume so he was going to pump out several more commentaries before writing this one.

In a recent article on Carson's theological method, Andy Naselli mentions this volume. He says:

"His magnum opus will be a two-volume ‘whole-Bible’ BT. He explained to me that he needs about twenty more years to do this well. He first desires to finish his commentaries on John’s letters, Galatians,
Hebrews, Revelation, and Ezekiel. Carson is one of those exceptional figures who is equipped to contribute an outstanding integrative BT that would serve as a reliable foundation for ST that is more genre-sensitive
and aware of the Bible’s storyline."

This is exciting! If you care about such things, pray for this project. I think it will be quite significant for the church.