"What is New Covenant Theology" Book

***UPDATE*** (4/26/12) - This book is now available here.

I am very excited about a current project seeking to define New Covenant Theology. It seems to me that what is lacking in the NCT movement is a balanced, clear, concise treatment of the essentials of NCT. There is a growing amount of theological literature available that I consider NCT, whether or not they use the label (see this book list).

I am currently about half way finished writing a "layman's guide" to NCT. I am seeking to articulate the core of what NCT is about in an accessible way. It has 7 chapters unpacking 7 essential points. Here they are:

Chapter 1 – One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ
Chapter 2 – The Old Testament Should be Interpreted in Light of the New Testament
Chapter 3 – The Old Covenant was Temporary by Divine Design
Chapter 4 – The Law is a Unit
Chapter 5 – Christians are Not Under the Law of Moses, but the ‘Law’ of Christ
Chapter 6 – All Members of the New Covenant Community Have the Holy Spirit
Chapter 7 – The Church is the Eschatological Israel

I hope to be finished by May 2012 and would love your prayers!