R. Longenecker & New Covenant Theology 3

But while Paul holds to the eternal validity of God's law as the standard of righteousness that condemns sin and thereby brings us to an intelligent and realistic act of repentance, he sees that revelatory standard as having reached its zenith in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. So later he tells his Corinthian converts that though he is 'free' and 'not under the law,' yet he is 'not free from God's law' because he is 'under Christ's law' (1 Cor 9:19-21)." (176)

"But unlike the prophets and all forms of Judaism, Paul also denounces their nomism (so 2:17-21 and 3:19-4:7). For life controlled by law was instituted by God only for the period of his people's spiritual minority and until Christ should come. Now God's own 'in Christ' are to live as mature 'sons of God' and not in slavery to legal prescriptions." (177)

"It is for this reason that Judaism speaks of itself as being Torah centered and Christianity declares itself to be Christ-centered, for in Christ the Christian finds not only God's law as the revelatory standard preeminently expressed but also the law as a system of conduct set aside in favor of guidance by reference to Christ's teachings and example and through the direct action of the Spirit." (177)

--Taken from his Galatians