R. Longenecker & New Covenant Theology 1

To my knowledge, NT Professor does not use the label 'New Covenant,' but his exegesis sure lines up with NCT. If you have read any of my books, you will quickly notice that I go overboard with footnotes. I do this to show, that although they may not use the label NCT, there are many OT and NT scholars that are putting the Bible together the same way NCT does. Now to the excerpts:

"My own understanding of Paul at this point is that Paul directs his attack not just against legalism, which the Old Testament prophets and a number of rabbis of Judaism denounced as well, but against even the Mosaic religious system, for he saw all of that as preparatory for and superseded by the relationship of being 'in Christ.'" (85-86)

"To revert to the Mosaic law as a Christian is what really constitutes breaking the law, for then the law's true intent is nullified." (91)

"(1) the law's purpose was to work itself out of a job and point us beyond itself to a fuller relationship with God; (2) Christ's death on the cross and our spiritual identification with his death effects freedom from the jurisdiction of the Mosaic law; and (3) the Christian's focus is to be on Christ, who lives within us and to whom we look for direction in life. In effect, while Jews and Christians deny the validity of a legalistic use of the law, Jews hold to a nomistic or Torah-centered lifestyle in expressing their faith and Christians are to be Christ-centered in expressing theirs." (91)

--Taken from his Galatians.