Until That Day Arrives

"The confidence of the early Christians rests on their certain knowledge that Jesus is alive and has risen from the dead. Alive again from the dead, Jesus has become the firstborn into the resurrection life to come, and the future of cosmic history is settled. But before he ascends to take his rightful place of authority as Lord of all creation and history, he meets his little group of followers, those whom he has gathered, and commissions them as the renewed Israel, the new humankind charged to continue his mission of making known the good news of the kingdom and gathering in the nations until he returns. He then takes his place at the right hand of God the Father to reign in love, justice, and power over all creation and history. He pours out his Spirit on this little community of restored Israel to make known his healing and comprehensive rule in and through his people, as they embody and proclaim the good news to the ends of the earth. He leaves them with a promise: one day he will return as judge of all to finish his work of restoration. Every knee will bow to him and every tongue will acknowledge that Jesus is Creator, Redeemer, and Lord. But until that climactic day arrives, the members of his church are taken up into the Spirit's work of making known in their lives, deeds, and words the good news of what God has done for the world in Jesus."

Goheen, A Light to the Nations, 18.