What is New Covenant Theology?

Here is a link to a one hour class I taught attempting to answer this question. Here is the handout I used:

I. 3 systems

a. Covenant Theology

i. Emphasis on Continuity

ii. Mostly Presbyterian

b. Dispensationalism

i. Emphasis on Discontinuity

ii. Mostly Bible Churches

c. New Covenant Theology

i. Both Continuity & Discontinuity

ii. Believer’s church traditions. Rooted in Anabaptism.

II. 5 Distinctives of NCT

a. One Plan of God Centered in Jesus Christ

i. Eph 1.8-10

ii. No Covenant of Grace

b. Read OT in light of NT

i. Heb 1.1-2

c. The Old Covenant was temporary by divine design

i. Not Under Law

ii. Gal 3.19-21, 23-25

iii. Old Age

d. There is no tripartite division of the law

i. Exod 19-24

ii. Heb 7.11-12

iii. 10 Commandments

e. We are not under the law of Moses, but under the Law of Christ

i. Gal 6.2, 1 Cor 9.20-21

ii. Purpose is God’s Glory, Pattern is Jesus, Principle is Love, and the Power is the Holy Spirit

f. All in the New Covenant Community Have the Holy Spirit

i. Ezek 36-37, Joel 2, Isa 32, 44

ii. Israel/Church

1. Gal 3.7, 29, 6.15-16, Rom 2.28-29, Phil 3.2-3