Tom Wells on my book, "The Law of Christ"

I am thankful for these comments by a man who has spent many, many years serving the Lord and studying His Scriptures:

"Some of you may recognize my name as a co-writer of the book, New Covenant Theology. One point of NCT is to show that the Law of Christ is THE law under the new Covenant, replacing the Mosaic law. That does NOT mean that every law in the Mosaic code has been abolished. It does mean that the code itself has been set aside and a new code has taken its place. Whenever a nation or any other organization, for example, forms a new constitution and by-laws, many of the old code's laws show up again.

Blake White has written this book to defend the idea of the newness of the code we are under in serving Christ. I felt impelled to commend this book for two reasons. First, I myself wrote a book on the law of Christ that has not been published and now probably will never be published! That's how good this book is. Second, when I read this one I felt as envious as any human can feel! So, in fairness to Blake White I had to say so. By all means, get it and read it!"

--Tom Wells, co-author of New Covenant Theology and author of The Priority of Jesus Christ, A Price for a People, and A Vision for Missions.