Postmodern Apologists

"The conventional image of a Christian apologist is one who teaches at a university, one who wields logical arguments for the existence of God and manuscript evidence for the reliability of the Bible, one who engages in debates about evolution or Islam. But in a postmodern world focused on a narrative discourse, we need to take a lesson from the apostle Paul [Acts 17] and expand our avenues for evangelism and defending the faith. We need more Christian apologists writing revisionist biographies of Darwin, Marx and Freud; writing for and subverting pagan TV sitcoms; bringing a Christian worldview to their journalism in secular magazines and news reporting; making horror films that undermine the idol of modernity; playing subversive industrial, rock and rap music. We need to be actively, sacredly subverting the secular stories of the culture, and restoring their fragmented narratives for Christ. If it was good enough for the apostle Paul on top of Mars Hill, then it's certainly good enough for those of us in the shade of Hollywood hills now."

-Brian Godawa, Word Pictures, 138-39