Good Lookin' Out: Light to the Nations

I have been waiting for this book for a few years. This April, Michael Goheen's book A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story will be available. The book that Goheen co-authored with Bartholomew, The Drama of Scripture, is one of my favorites. He has a good grasp on biblical theology, worldview, and did his doctoral work on the ecclesiology of Leslie Newbigin who is in many ways the Father of the missional movement, having influenced many people ranging from Tim Keller to Brian McLaren. You can read the Preface and Ch. 1 here.

Here is the Table of Contents:

1. The Church's Identity and Role: Whose Story? Which Images?
2. God Forms Israel as a Missional People
3. Israel Embodies Its Missional Role and Identity amid the Nations
4. Jesus Gathers an Eschatological People to Take Up Their Missional Calling
5. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the Church's Missional Identity
6. The Missional Church in the New Testament Story
7. New Testament Images of the Missional Church
8. The Missional Church in the Biblical Story--A Summary
9. What Might This Look Like Today?

Here are a couple of endorsements:

"Goheen expertly traces the continuities of and developments in the Bible's grand story of the people of God, showing that at every stage God's people exist for the sake of God's mission to all the peoples of the world. Here is the biblical depth needed for the contemporary church's reflection on and practice of its missional identity."--Richard Bauckham, emeritus professor, New Testament studies, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; senior scholar, Ridley Hall, Cambridge
"It is so encouraging to see the revived interest in missional interpretation of the Bible flourishing and bearing fruit. This marvelous book by Mike Goheen moves the discipline significantly forward. It roots our understanding of the church's role and mission in the whole of the Scriptures, showing how formative the Old Testament was for Jesus and his New Testament followers and remains for us. The nourishing meat of rich biblical reflection is sandwiched between a historical analysis of the cultural roots of the contemporary church and a challenging conclusion as to how a church today can be truly missional and biblical. This is biblical theology in the service of the mission of God through God's people for the sake of God's world."--Christopher J. H. Wright, international director, Langham Partnership International; author,The Mission of God and The Mission of God's People