Jin Converted

I used to be a big hip-hop fan. Still am, but I can't stomach most secular rap lyrics. Thankfully there are many Christian rappers who have fantastic, bible-saturated lyrics. Most won't remember the Chinese rapper named Jin, but I do. Before I became a Christian, I used to be a fan of BET's Freestyle Friday's. Basically, the show consisted of a freestyle battle between two rappers. The winner stayed on and faced a new challenger the next Friday. For those who may not know, freestyle battles consist of two guys going after one another through rap. It is called freestlye because there are no pre-scripted lyrics. It is all off the top of the rapper's head in the heat of the moment. Well, Jin dominated Freestyle Friday for several weeks in a row in 2001 and eventually made the Freestyle Hall of Fame and was signed with a major hip hop record label (Ruff Ryders). I would post some of the battles, but most of the content is inappropriate.

Jin is now a Christian. He was baptized in 2008. I have posted his most recent music video above.