David Wells on Pastors & Personality

"Television accentuates personality. It is all about the projection of personality.. . . . This has carried over into some of our marketing megachurches and more generally into how churches look at their pastors. Especially in megachurches of the seeker-sensitive kind, the pastor is preeminently a personality on the big screen up front, a performer, who seems close to everyone in the church but in fact is quite remote in most cases. The personality profiles of many of these pastors show them to be loners. The heavy lifting for the day-by-day pastoral care of the church therefore falls to a circle of trusted assistants. How very different this is from the older model, in which the pastor was not so much a performer as a shepherd who knew the flock and whose relations with the people in the church were the very means of fulfilling pastoral calling. To have been solely a performer in the pulpit would have spelled disaster."

(The Courage to be Protestant, 150)