Good Lookin' Out: Your Church Is Too Small

The other day I picked up John Armstrong's new book, "Your Church is Too Small: Why Unity in Christ's Mission is Vital to the Future of the Church." I am real excited about reading it. John is a friend and I am always encouraged by his love for Christ and Christ's people. He takes Jesus' prayer that all may be one (John 17:21) more seriously than anyone I know. Here is the website, here is his blog, and here are the three main sections of the book (19 chapters):

Past: The Biblical and Historical Basis for Christian Unity

Present: Restoring Unity in the Church Today

Future: The Missional-Ecumenical Movement

J.I. Packer writes, "My friend John Armstrong is a church leader who has traveled the distance from the separatist, sectarian fixity of fundamentalism to embrace the kingdom-centered vision of the church and the call issued by a number of Bible-based theologians and missiologists during the past half century.
What vision is this? It is the one that views the visible church as a single worldwide, Spirit-sustained community within which ongoing doctrinal and denominational divisions, though important, are secondary rather than primary. In this vision, the primary thing is the missional-ecumenical vocation and trajectory crystallized for us by our Lord Jesus Christ in his teaching and prayer and illustrated in a normative way by the Acts narrative and much of the reasoning of the apostolic letters."