Be You

Praise God we have so many gifted preachers today. Numerous amazing sermons are just a few clicks away. It comes with a temptation for preachers though. We are all influenced by those we listen to, and we can end up just trying to imitate our favorites or favorite. Somewhere, I heard Keller advise preachers to listen to a variety of preachers. He said something like, "If you listen to one guy, you'll become a clone. If you listen to three, you'll be confused. If you listen to 100, you'll be you." I think he is onto something. All that to say, here is a helpful and wise word to young preachers by Kevin DeYoung. Preacher, read it. Also, go here to watch a sermon by Matt Chandler in chapel where part of his sermon is a call to be you. He goes so far as to say that trying to be anybody but you is sinful.