A New Way

A while back, I posted the following quote from Herman Ridderbos: "[The Gospel] teaches man to understand himself in a new way, with respect to God as well as to the world and history surrounding him." I was recently reflecting on how true it is. Repentance is a change of mind, first about your evaluation of self. You drop your agenda and follow Christ's. You turn from sin to the Father through Christ by the enabling of the Spirit. Repentance doesn't stop there though. We change our view of everything and let the Story of Scripture frame our thoughts and inform our minds. Faith and repentance in the gospel brings a new view of God, a new view of self, a new view of others, a new view of community, a new view of the beginning, a new view of the end, and a new view of purpose. And praise be to Christ that this view, in the words of Justin, is "sure and fulfilling."