MJ Hall of Fame

I was a big fan of Michael Jordan. Real big. But I really wish he would have never tried to play baseball, and never came back with the Wizards. It would have been nice if the last thing we heard or saw from Jordan was the famous push-off, jumper, hand hanging in the air after the j. But it didn't and if that didn't leave a bad enough taste in your mouth, now this.

Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this year. You can watch the speech here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. It was quite sad. Everyone was there to celebrate him as the best, and he still had to remind everyone that he is the best. Dominating the game was not enough for him. The speech revealed a deep insecurity. It was more of a childish rant than a speech. What a way to end a career. He called out everyone from his high school coach (he even flew up the cat who beat him for the spot), to Dean Smith (for not letting him in on an SI cover), to Buzz Peterson (NC player of the year when MJ thought it should have been him), to Pat Riley, and more. He pretty much told his kids, "Sucks to be you and have to live in my shadow" He even knocked the NBA for charging to much to attend the event. He mentioned a comeback at age 50 and almost seemed offended when the crowd laughed.

MJ wasn't happy about being inducted because it shows that his career is definitively over. He doesn't want to "graze," because he thinks he can still "run with the young horses" (see this interview) I have watched several interviews and it seems that he actually thinks he can still dominate. Doubtful. You can just see him graping for glory. Basketball was his life, his refuge, his place to go to seek peace. He was used to lots of glory, but it's only looking back from here though. All is vanity for MJ. How sad.

As sad as all this was, you still have to admit, the dude could put on a show. Here are his 23 top memorable moments. My favs are 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, & 15. God bless Craig Ehlo. I wonder what Craig is doing now. My guess is he is happier than Michael Jordan.