Good Lookin' Out: The End of the Law

Jason Meyer is assistant professor of Religion (New Testament and Greek) at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana. I just grabbed his new book "The End of the Law: Mosaic Covenant in Pauline Theology" put out by B&H Academic. I have been waiting a while for this one. While I was doing research for my little book on the same subject, I read parts of Meyer's dissertation with joy and benefit. His doctoral supervisor was Tom Schreiner. I am clearing my schedule for this one. Here are the blurbs from Piper and Schreiner:

"For the last forty years of my ministry no biblical issue has proved more recurrent or more vexing than the nature of the Mosaic law as it relates to the gospel and the new covenant. The pastoral implications for how you preach the gospel, aim at sanctification, comfort strugglers, give assurance, and admit people to membership in the church, are huge. Jason Meyer is a good guide. I found myself writing 'YES!' in the margins repeatedly. And there were enough 'Aha' moments of fresh discovery to make me want to keep going. I thank God for this younger scholar. His book is a precious gift to the church." (Piper)

We will fail to understand the larger storyline of the Bible if we do not grasp the significance of the old covenant and the new covenant. Jason Meyer in this careful exegetical study unpacks the meaning of the new covenant over against the old covenant. One of virtues of this work is its elegant clarity. Meyer defines terms succinctly and clearly, so that readers are not lost in a forest of obscurity. Even more important, Meyer advances his case with in-depth and convincing exegesis. NT scholars are known for their exegetical skills, but Meyer’s exegesis is coupled with theological rigor and insight which one finds too infrequently among biblical scholars. The work concludes with the perceptive and practical and theological implications. To sum up, we can be grateful for Dr. Meyer's assistance in understanding the whole counsel of God." (Schreiner)