Theology in the Church III

"On the other hand, in the West since the Enlightenment the theological enterprise has generally been hived off to academic institutions with no connection to the church. The study of theology and the Bible has been centered in universities. The high priests of Western Christianity, especially of evangelicalism , have been scholars. By virtue of their setting in a secular environment, the Bible and Christian theology have been approached in a manner unsuited to their own intrinsic nature. God gave the Scriptures to the church. The Bible is the church's book. While its humanity justifies its being studied according to all the academic tools available, when the essential ecclesial base that God intended for it has been abandoned in the course of such study, it should be of little surprise if the results are not noticeably conducive to faith and discipleship." [from Robert Letham's Through Western Eyes]

"I know a lot of theologians, and I don't know one who wants to hide theology under a bushel. No, they want to let it shine. But far too often, the best theology is hidden under a bushel of academic jargon and myriad footnotes. Such is the life of many a professor." [Tony Jones]

"My final and most important thanks are extended to my wife Diane. She constantly reminds me that biblical scholarship is a 'noisy gong and clanging cymbal' if the church of Christ is not edified." [Tom Schreiner's Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, 12] Thanks Diane.