Quotes on Prayer

"Prayer is the breath of the new creature." (Richard Baxter)

"What a man is alone on his knees before God, that he is, and no more." (Robert Murray M'Cheyne)

"I believe that prayer is the measure of the man, spiritually, in a way that nothing else is, so that how we pray is as important a question as we can ever face." (J.I. Packer)

"What we actually do reflects our highest priorities." (D.A. Carson)

"Why is it that such authentic spirituality is lacking in our time, particularly among those set apart for gospel ministry? Other than those found within the pages of Scripture and Christian biography, most of us would sadly acknowledge that we have known few pastoral leaders whose practice of ministry could be defined, at least in part, by a vibrant and thoroughgoing experience of prayer. Such a disturbing observation, however, cannot be the sole consequence of neglect on the part of those who occupy pastoral office. Rarely, if ever, does a pastoral job description articulate the congregation's expectation that the practice of prayer be among the primary expressions of pastoral ministry. Rather than expecting a priest-prophet whose primary concern is to develop a life of prayer among the people of God, the tacit implication is that a pastor will be hired to serve as the moral errand-boy of the congregation, performing those good deeds the parishioners deem appropriate but have little time to undertake. Seminaries, as well, have done little to convince theological students of the primacy of prayer in relation to pastoral ministry. though privileged to enjoy nearly ten years of theological education, I cannot recall any intentional contribution made toward my understanding of prayer as a principal expression of pastoral labors." (Joel Beeke)