Summer Reading

I enjoy seminary, but it is always refreshing when class is over and I get to choose what I read. Here is a pic of my summer reading in order of priority. Of course I won't get to half of this but its good to aim high. Here is a good quote concerning reading from Joel Beeke (a man I am growing to appreciate-thanks Keith):

"Read as an act of worship. Read with the goal of being elevated into the great truths of God, so that you may worship the Trinity in spirit and in truth. Read and meditate and apply. Pray before, during, and after you read; then put into practice what you have read, insofar as it is biblical.

Be selective about what you read. Subject all your reading to the touchstone of Scripture. So much of today's Christian literature is shallow froth, riddled with Arminian theology or secular thinking. Time is too precious to waste on unprofitable reading. Read more for eternity than time, more for spiritual growth than professional advancement. Remember John Trapp's admonition, 'As water tastes of the soil it runs through, so does the soul taste of the authors that a man reads.'

Ask of each book: Would Christ approve of this book? Does this book increase my love for the Word of God, help me kill sin, impart abiding wisdom, and prepare me for the life to come? Could I better spend my time by reading another book?"
(from "The Utter Necessity of a Godly Life," in Reforming Pastoral Ministry ed. John Armstong, p.73-74)