Marley & Me

Thankfully, both my wife and I are big 'dog people.' Our family owning a cat is about as likely as Doug Pagitt enjoying a MacArthur sermon: aint happening. The other night, Alicia and I grabbed the movie "Marley & Me" from Redbox, and it was surprisingly good. I am usually annoyed by so-called 'chick flicks,' not because of the mushiness or romance, but because the portrait of love is so unrealistic and idolatrous. This movie is much more realistic though. Part of what I appreciated about the movie was the realistic portrait of finding contentment in this difficult life. This is an enduring struggle even for believing men and women. Our hearts are always looking towards "what's next." "If only I had my license. . . were in high school . . college . . . married . . . had children . . a good job . . nice house . . a better job . . or even if not better, a different one because the new has worn off. . . another child. . . .a nicer house. . . car. . boat. . a wife who listened to me like my co-worker Ms. Folly. . . a new city. . and it goes on and on. Satan would have God's people distracted and consumed with tomorrow rather than obedience and faithfulness in the present. So I commend the movie (although admittedly cheesy in parts), and I especially commend the daily battle of cultivating contentment in Christ and living for today.