"The Christian gospel announced in Corinth was not simply a message about a new sort of spirituality, a new level of spiritual attainment to which people could aspire. The message was about an event in world history, as a result of which a new day had dawned, foreshadowing the dawning of God's final, eternal day. . . . We still need to remind ourselves today that the resurrection remains the foundation of all Christian existence. Without the resurrection, we are simply left with another variation on the general religious themes that circulate the world. With the resurrection we believe, with Paul, that the new day has dawned. God's new creation has begun."
--N.T. Wright, Reflecting the Glory, 170-72

"The gospel of Jesus Christ announces that what God did for Jesus at Easter he will do not only for all those who are 'in Christ' but also for the entire cosmos. It will be an act of new creation, parallel to and derived from the act of new creation when God raised Jesus from the dead."
-N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope, 99

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