Ephesians 6

I have been studying Ephesians 6 for the last couple of weeks, and it's been good. I purposefully put off looking at commentaries until the end. Maybe I should have started looking at them a year ago though. In 1655, the puritan pastor William Gurnall wrote a commentary on the 11 verses dealing with spiritual warfare. The title is "The Christian in Complete Armour: The saints' war against the Devil, wherein a discovery is made of that grand enemy of God and his people, in his policies, power, seat of his empire, wickedness, and chief design he hath against the saints; a magazine opened, from whence the Christian is furnished with spiritual arms of the battle, helped on with his armour, and taught the use of his weapon; together with the happy issue of the whole war." The 1821 edition is 3 volumes, 261 chapters, and 1,472 pages.

More recently, the modern-day puritan Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote 736 pages on 11 verses! Calvin praised two things in commentators: clarity & brevity. So much for the latter. I'm with Calvin. Needless to say, I will not be consulting these commentaries.