Scott Hafemann on the Bible

"The Bible stretches forth from the creation of the world to the creation of the new heavens and the new earth, from the first coming of the Christ to his return. Its history runs from the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Gethsemane, from the exodus from Egypt to the 'second exodus' at the Cross, from the covenant meal at Mount Sinai to the Lord's Supper, from the circumcision of Abraham to the baptism of converted pagans in Corinth, from the building of Solomon's temple to the temple of the Holy Spirit. Its message unfolds from the 'letter' that kills to the Spirit who makes alive, from the golden calf to the new covenant, from the prophets to the apostles, from Mount Zion to the New Jerusalem,, from David's son to the Son of God, from Israel's exile to her promised restoration, and from the history of Israel's divided kingdom to the mission of the church united as the kingdom of God. . . . The lack of emphasis on the Bible in our churches and the death of biblical preaching in our pulpits (or now on our 'stages') have brought about a death of understanding in our pews (or folding chairs). This should not be surprising. Given the therapeutic culture in which we live, the vast majority of seminaries no longer demand that future church leaders master even the most fundamental biblical content or interpretive skills. And with the rise of 'postmodernism,' we are not sure if the meaning of the biblical text can be recovered anyway, so why bother? After all, the 'secret' to building a 'successful' church is now thought to be getting to know the new trinity of technology, psychology, and marketing, not the Trinity of the Bible."

-from The God of Promise and the Life of Faith by Scott J. Hafemann, p. 18-20