Dr. Moore on the New Earth

"The point of the gospel is not that we would go to heaven when we die. Instead, it is that heaven will come down, transforming and renewing the earth and the entire universe. After the millennium, the final judgment, and the condemnation of the lost, John sees a new Jerusalem coming down from the heavens to earth (Rev. 21:2). He then describes an eternal order that, consistent with the rest of biblical eschatology, is surprisingly "earthy." Eternity means civilization, architecture, banquet feasting, ruling, work -- in short, it is eternal life. The new earth is not the white, antiseptic, hyperspiritual heaven some Christians expect as their eternal home. Nor is it simply the everlasting family reunion with the calorie-free food and super powers, as some hope."

("Personal and Cosmic Eschatology" in A Theology for the Church, ed. Danny Akin, p. 912)